• About Us

SiriusTrekkers starts operations two and a half years after the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic during the 2022 first semester. It’s a period of time full of uncertainty.

The global economic turmoil is still being felt and the world's economies are still trying to recover.

Added to that there is also a great deal of political and social instability.

Not the best of scenarios to start a company but within that chaos, there is also a chance, an opportunity... but what is it?

  • As a result of travel restrictions due to the health emergency, mobility worldwide became to a screeching halt or limited to the extremely essential.

    There have been prolonged lockdowns and a near total shutdown of non-essential business activities.Travel and tourism industries have been severely affected but as the end of the pandemic nears there’s finally some light at end of the tunnel.

    People are sick and tired of being locked up, fed up at the only option to venture out is a trip to the grocery store. As the sense or normalcy slowly resumes, the need to move and travel also resumes. That's the opportunity!!

    After two years of catastrophic losses for the tourism industry and sadly many service providers shut down for good and few others still trying to turn things around there is also an opportunity to change the way of doing things, to see from a different perspective and to rethink how traveling is done. But there is also a personal ingredient, the idea of capitalizing on the individual skills and experience of each one of the founders’ members and the simple taste for travel.


  • Carlos

    Carlos has been involved professionally in the tourism industry in Ecuador for 10 years sharing activities, experiences and Knowledge with the world. He is very fluent in English and Spanish; he has studied for being a professional tour guide where he developed his skills to make people feel trips with extensive and valuable knowledge on the dynamics of the South American tourism.

  • Daniel

    Daniel has an impressive set of skills. With more than 20 years of living in the US, he’s been tightly close working with a mango importing company along other tropical fruits mainly from Brazil, but also from Colombia, Peru, Mexico and Central America. Due to the company’s nature, he is very fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese. He has a degree in accounting and IT.

  • Victor

    Victor is also bilingual (Spanish/English) and has extensive experience in various sectors, such as automotive, construction, logistics and more than 15 years in customer service. At the start of operations, he is working for one of the largest financial institutions in the US

  • Diana

    Diana, despite being relatively young, he is very fluent in English and Spanish, and a veteran in the tourism industry and combined with an well-seasoned work team, they offer the best experience in traveling, with extensive and valuable knowledge on the dynamics of the South American tourism industry.

  • This is a unique combination of talents that would undoubtedly have to be put to the test and find a way to complement each other. So making use of the linguistic, cultural, intellectual, empirical, work ethics, and academic skills we decided to combine our collective diverse experience and personal talents and bring to life SiriusTrekkers with a broad vision of what tourism should be.

    We want to provide our clients with something much more than a trip.

    We want to provide them with a deep, organic, intimate, sustainable and learning personal experience where, together with exquisite gastronomy and unique and excellent lodging accommodations, the destination is not only a showcase to go to see and the traveler is not just a simply spectator.

    We want to offer a delight for the senses paired with an array of dynamic and interactive activities at a personal level with an emotional human touch and for some perhaps a very soul enriching experience.


For any further questions and doubts please don't hesitate to ask your guide, or to contact us at any time.