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  • Starting at $2,620


    Experience the natural wonders and culture of the Andes Mountains and Amazon Jungles of Ecuador. This active multisport journey explores the best of more than 5 different ecosystems.

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  • Starting at $4,260


    Explore Ecuador and its beauty, landscapes of the Andean mountains, its biodiverse and pluricultural nation and history to the unique ecosystem of Galapagos in 14 amazing days.

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  • Starting at $4,090

    Perú & Ecuador Galapagos Cruise

    Get the best of Ecuador & Peru in 9 nights, the true South American Gems. Cruise the Galapagos Islands; an iconic conservation milestone. Machu Picchu, learn more about the Inca Empire. Take advantage of combining “two in a lifetime” destinations, and check both out of your bucket list.

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  • Starting at $1,990


    Experience the Ecuadorian Lower Amazon Basin enjoying in 6 days an authentic wildlife sightseeing, Ecuador one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world offers you the chance to see, from a Parrot Clay Lick to the dashing scenery of one of the major tributaries of the Amazon River, the mighty “Napo River”.

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  • Starting at $2,990


    From 7 to 11 nights enjoy dashing scenery at the Galapagos Islands, one of the best-preserved Archipelagos in the World. Discover the hidden Gems of Ecuador´s Capital, first city to be declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage for Mankind. Enjoy the Otavalo Market, the biggest barter market in South America. Cruise on style while enjoying the Enchanted Islands.

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  • Starting at $4,135

    Galapagos Cruise & Avenue of The Volcanoes

    From 11 to 15 nights witness the Avenue of the Volcanoes; enjoy more than 10 snowcapped mountains along the way. Enjoy dashing Andean Scenery on a trip that covers Ecuadorian main Mountain range, the Andes. Experience 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Quito & Cuenca. Cruise on style while enjoying the Enchanted Islands. Get the best out of the Ecuadorian hospitality, while traveling with SiriusTrekkers.

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  • Starting at $2,690

    Galapagos Cruise & Basic Ecuador

    From 6 to 10 nights, if starting in Quito stand in two hemispheres; visit the Middle of the World in Quito, astonish yourself with the best-preserved Old Town in South America or starting in Guayaquil, visit the Pacific Pearl, the beating commercial heart of Ecuador. Cruise the Galapagos Islands; an iconic conservation milestone. Wild tortoise excursion; Galapagos quintessential character.

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  • Starting at $3,290

    Galapagos & Cultural Experience

    From 8 to 12 nights enjoy the authentic experiences while visiting beautiful Andean Landscapes. Cross Culture Experience at Magdalena Karanki Community, awarded by NatGeo with the “Meet the Locals 2008” Award. Highlands and wild tortoise excursion; Galapagos iconic characters. Learn more about Quito´s Heritage for mankind in terms of Arts & Culture. Enjoy visits on the Ecuadorian Northern Highlands, witness ecosystem changes and colorful scenery along the way.

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    DELUXE Rainbow Ecuador & Galapagos🌈

    Enjoy the beauty of Ecuador from the Highlands and Indigenous Markets to the Cloud Forest, from the Equator line to the Humming Birds Paradise. Get amazed with Galapagos Islands onboard of a magnificent yacht with capacity for up to 16 guests. In this trip you also will be part of exiting experiences such as cooking class, visiting one of the oldest churches in South America or fill the thrill of Zip-lining.

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Overview Ecuador

  • Discover Ecuador on an unforgettable journey from the tropical Amazon rainforest to the wildlife-rich Galapagos Islands. Touch down in Quito, the historic Andean capital, before exploring the amazing Amazon in Tena.

    You can select San Cristobal or Santa Cruz as your gateway to the Galapagos Islands as you search for blue-footed boobies and sea turtles, before ending your adventure in Guayaquil.

    Ecuador is a country with vast natural and cultural wealth. The diversity of its four regions (Coast, Highlands, Tropical rainforest and the enchanted islands Galapagos) has resulted in hundreds of thousands of species of flora and fauna.

    Ecuador is considered one of the 17 countries where the greatest biodiversity of the planet is concentrated. Most of its flora and fauna live in 26 areas protected by the State.

    Ecuador is crossed from north to south by a volcanic section of Andes with more than 80 volcanos, being the higher the Chimborazo, with almost 21.000 feet Hight.


    • Ecuador is more biodiverse per square kilometer than any other country in the world.
    • The country has more birds per square kilometer than any other country in the world.
    • The Equator runs through Ecuador. You can even stand in both the southern and northern hemispheres at once in Quito.
    • Only in Quito, water boils at 90 degrees Celsius, not 100. Apparently, it’s due to the altitude.
    • Ecuador is a favorite destination for globetrotting chocolatiers in search of the best, most flavorful cocoa. .
    • Ecuador has the first and second ever UNESCO World Heritage sites: the Galapagos Islands and Quito, the capital.
    • Charles Darwin, famous for his Theory of Evolution, based his theory on the discoveries he found at the Galapagos Islands.


Find the most frequently asked questions below.

US Dollar can be used in Ecuador, coins included. Bring small bills for expenses prior to boarding as change is not always available.

The standard outlet in Ecuador is 110 volts, same as the US.; Cruise ships provide both 110 v and 220 v outlets. 

Dec - May is our warm season with more sunshine and higher air/water temps.  Average air temperature ranges from 80-87 F / 26-31 C.  February and March are the warmest months.  June - Nov is the cooler season. Garua, a light mist, is often present, creating overcast days. Winds during this time of year can create rougher seas.  Average air temperatures range from of 67-78 F / 20 -26C. 

 -6 GMT.  No daylight savings time. Half the year, Ecuador is the same as Chicago, IL (CST), the other half of the year it is the same as New York City (EST). The Galapagos are 1 hour behind mainland Ecuador. 

No visa is necessary from most countries, only the following: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cuba, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Senegal and Somalia. This is always subject to change, so best to check the Ecuador Embassy website in your home country. You are allowed to stay up to 90 days in any 12-month period.

Your passport must have 6 months prior to expiration at the time you enter Ecuador.  You must have a round trip (return) or onward ticket.

We recommend you arrive 1-day early prior your departure flight to Galapagos and check and make sure all your luggage is accounted for.

Most arriving international guests appreciate the opportunity to rest and relax prior traveling. We can arrange hotels and day tours in Quito or Guayaquil for an added fee. 

Ecuador has 2 international airports: Quito (airport code UIO) and Guayaquil (airport code GYE). Most international flights arrive in the evening, so an overnight hotel is in order upon arrival. Quito is the newer airport, located approximately 70 minutes outside the city.  You fly from mainland Ecuador into San Cristobal or Santa Cruz airport in on the morning of your departure. 

All flights to Galapagos from Quito route through Guayaquil. You will remain on board for about 30 minutes before continuing to your destination.

Though we will send a rep to the mainland airport on the day of departure, below are instructions for the procedure to check in for Galapagos flights. 

Beware: all payments at the airport are your responsibility and inCASH.To Galapagos go to "Salidas Nacionales" will be the first doors as you arrive to the airport. Once inside, look to your left and you will see escalators. Go up one floor.  If you prefer, continue past the escalators to the elevator. Across the from the top of the escalator, you will see the area to check in for Galapagos. You will wait in line and once at the window, present your passport, pay for your TCT card ($20/person in cash), receive a customs form and then put your luggage through the scanner. Once it's tagged, you are then free to go to the airline counter to check in for your flight. All this process will be lead by your tour guide.

Galapagos: Upon arrival into Galapagos, you will go through a customs line for International Visitors. You present your passport; the customs form you received in Quito and pay the National Park Entrance fee ($100 per person in cash). They will give you two parts of the customs form to retain. One (with a hologram and your name) will serve as your ID in the Galapagos so you don't need to carry a passport and the second is a stub you need to present to enter the boarding gate area when you depart Galapagos.Failure to present the stub can result in a delay.Have your stub ready before your departure. We recommend putting it inside your passport for convenience.

As travel advisories are always subject to change, please refer to any travel advisories issued by your own country's authorities.

To fly into a mainland airport and visit Galapagos, vaccinations are strongly suggested but not mandatory. A Yellow Fever Vaccination is usually advised if you plan to visit the Amazon Rain Forest. 

While Galapagos, Quito and Guayaquil tend to be relatively disease free, dengue can be a risk on land. There is no vaccination against dengue, however, wearing long sleeves and using a DEET based repellent are good preventative measures.

On our tours you will have no health risks from food or water. Bring your own water bottles to use while in Galapagos and Ecuador main land. Onboard and at all hotels, you can refill your bottle with purified water as often as you wish. At hotels on land, we recommend you brush your teeth with purified water and avoid questionable street food

Though the government has delayed enforcing the policy, it will become mandatory to have health insurance for the time you are in Ecuador. If your health insurance company's policy does not provide international coverage, often a simple travel policy purchased when you buy your international flights will provide health coverage sufficient for the requirement. 

Though travel insurance is not required, it is recommended in the event you have to cancel your departure due to illness, loss of employment or in the event you miss your connecting flight which causes you to miss your departure. Please read the fine print in your policy. What you assume is covered may not be.

For any further questions and doubts please don't hesitate to ask your guide, or to contact us at any time.